don't be scared of us
"When witches go riding
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers
'tis near halloween."
Title: Out of The Woods
Artist: Taylor Swift
Album: 1989
Played: 272,352 times

Taylor Swift - Out of The Woods

it is simply there, when yesterday it was not.


I can’t believe drawing a black line across my eyelids makes me feel 10x prettier.


Robin was an incredibly funny man who unfortunately left us today. I honestly am person who thinks that the best way to appreciate someone who contributed so much to the world is to appreciate what they brought into it. So, I thought I would help you by providing some links. I really hope he has found some peace.
I couldn’t find The Crazy Ones or season 3 and 4 of Mork & Mindy, I apologize, huns.

Can I Do It ‘Till I Need Glasses?(1977) // Popeye(1980) // The World According to Garp(1982) // The Survivors(1983) // Moscow on the Hudson(1984) // Seize the Day(1986) // Club Paradise(1986) // The Best of Times(1986) // Good Morning, Vietnam(1987) // The Adventures of Baron Munchausen(1988) // Rabbit Ears: Pecos Bill(1988) // Dead Poets Society(1989) // I’m from Hollywood(1989) // Cadillac Man(1990) // Awakenings(1990) // Back to Neverland(1990) // Dead Again(1991) // The Fisher King(1991) // Hook(1991) // Rabbit Ears: The Fool and the Flying Ship(1991) // Toys(1992) // Aladdin(1992) // FernGully: The Last Rainforest(1992) // Shakes the Clown(1992) // Mrs. Doubtfire(1993) // Being Human(1994) // Jumanji(1995) // To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar(1995) // Nine Months(1995) // Aladdin and the King of Thieves(1996) // Hamlet(1996) // The Secret Agent(1996) // Jack(1996) // The Birdcage(1996) // Good Will Hunting(1997) // Flubber(1997) // Deconstructing Harry(1997) // Fathers’ Day(1997) // Patch Adams(1998) // Junket Whore(1998) // What Dreams May Come(1998) // Bicentennial Man(1999) // Jakob the Liar(1999) // Model Behavior(2000) // A.I. Artificial Intelligence(2001) // Insomnia(2002) // Death to Smoochy(2002) // One Hour Photo(2002) // Noel(2004) // House of D(2004) // The Final Cut(2004) // The Big White(2005) // Robots(2005) // The Aristocrats(2005) // Man of the Year(2006) // Night at the Museum(2006) // Happy Feet(2006) // Everyone’s Hero(2006) // RV(2006) // The Night Listener(2006) // License to Wed(2007) // August Rush(2007) // Shrink(2009) // World’s Greatest Dad(2009) // Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian(2009) // Old Dogs(2009) // Happy Feet Two(2011) // The Big Wedding(2013) // The Face of Love(2013) // The Butler(2013)

Stand Up
Live at the Roxy(1978) // An Evening with Robin Williams(1982) // Live at the Met(1986) // Robin Williams: Live on Broadway(2002)  // Weapons of Self Destruction(2009)

Mork & Mindy
season 1Pilot // Mork Moves In // Mork Runs Away // Mork in Love // Mork’s Seduction // Mork Goes Public // To Tell The Truth // Mork the Gullible // A Mommy for Morky // Mork’s Greatest Hits // Old Fears // Mork’s First Christmas // Mork and the Immigrant // Mork the Tolerant // Young Love // Snowflakes Keep Dancing on my Head // Mork Goes Erk // Yes Sir, That’s my Baby // Mork’s Mixed Emotions // Mork’s Night Out // In Mork We Trust // Mork Runs Down // It’s a Wonderful Mork // Mork’s Best Friend
season 2Mork in Wonderland // Stark Raving Mork // Mork’s Baby Blues // Dr. Morkenstein // Mork vs. Mindy // Mork Gets Mindy-itis // A Morkville Horror // Mork’s Health Hints // Dial ‘N’ for Nelson // Mork vs the Necrotons // Hold That Mork // The Exidor Affair // The Mork Syndrome // Exidor’s Wedding // A Mommy for Mindy // The Night They Raided Mind-ski’s // Mork Learns to See // Mork’s Vacation // Jeanie Loves Mork // Little Orphan Morkie // Looney Tunes and Morkie Melodies // Clerical Error // Invasion of the Mork Snatchers // The Way Mork Were

The Richard Pryor Show
Episode 1 // Episode 2 // Episode 3 // Episode 4






This is important


If you have an issue with the lack of POC representation in media, then thats all fine and well, and justified to rant about. But if you are going to sit there and call the Mara Dyer fandom racists and accuse the fandom of whitewashing Mara, when it states in the book that she has ”none of her mothers exquisite indian features” and has her "fathers whitey mcwhiterson skin”, and that she and her brothers “have no family stamp of similarity in our faces”, then yes you are in the wrong. If you want to use a different fancast for her, then fine, make edits or find someone who makes edits that accepts requests for fancasts if you don’t make them yourself, instead of going in the tags and making text posts accusing people of whitewashing a character that isn’t being whitewashed. Especially when the writer, Michelle Hodkin, has said there is a reason she chose to make Mara look more like her white father than her indian mother, and that basically we would find out more about that reason in Retribution. 

Instead of accusing the fandom of whitewashing Mara, when that is not the case, how about you actually complain about a fandom that DOES whitewash their characters.But don’t group the Mara Dyer fandom into that category. (If people whitewashed Jamie Roth, or Mara’s Mother, or her brothers then that would be an issue but no one does that.)

I feel like I should also say that if you want to use a fancast that looks more indian, then that is fine, since Mara’s appearance is ambigious, and in Evolution, in Noah’s notebook he mentions Mara’s appearance subtly changing,

"When I don’t see her, her ghost wanders my veins. And when I see Mara today after a day apart, she
is different.
The word seeps into my blood.
It is subtle—so subtle that I hadn’t quite noticed it myself until she mentioned it; perhaps I’m too
close. But now, the time apart throws the changes into relief and I watch her closely, so I can
remember. She is still beautiful—always—but her cheekbones are more prominent. Her collarbone is
diamond sharp. The softness I love is slowly being filed away by something inside or outside, I don’t

but the point I am trying to get across here is do not accuse people of whitewashing a character who is not being whitewashed. 

Like Michelle said, “This is not a case of a subset of readers recasting an unquestionably ethnic character (i.e. Mara’s mother or Jamie) as a white person to make them more palatable for white audiences.


If I were to live a thousand years, I would belong to you for all of them. If we were to live a thousand lives, I would want to make you mine in each one.


i hope someone has a secret crush on me. at least a little tiny a baby sprout one…like a little drop maybe,a little syrupy drop of crushy crush baby love nectar


what’s it really taste like? it tastes like blood.